CIMBA has long been recognized for program affordability and offers a superior academic experience that will exceed your expectations at a cost far below than other Europe-based MBA programs. Also, since most of the other MBA programs take two years to complete, you save one year of tuition, fees, and living expenses as well as the opportunity cost of being out of the workforce. The trade-off is that the CIMBA program is far more intensive and demanding, requiring students to be highly motivated and focused.

Italy session (Fall, Spring, Summer Session 1) $25,775
U.S. session (Summer Session 2) $3,900
Consulting Project Scholarship* ($5,000)
Total Tuition $24,675

* Consulting Project Scholarship is awarded to all admitted Full-Time students who complete the development project, which is part of the one-year MBA program. This scholarship must be repaid if the project is not completed. 

For more information regarding payment deadlines, estimated costs, and other living expenses, please click here

MBA Modules in Italy €12,000
MBA Final Session in the U.S. €3,000
Total Tuition 15,000*

* VAT excluded. VAT is 22% unless otherwise specified by the government.

For more information in Italian regarding tuition breakdown, estimated costs, and other living expenses, please click here

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