Every year, CIMBA Italy offers a few assistantship positions to Full-Time MBA applicants. All positions involve working with the local staff and current MBA and undergraduate students. Positions vary, but in general, they include administrative job duties in developing internal and external communication materials, assisting in the planning and management of various events, assisting in the academic and leadership activities. During the admittance process, you will work with a program coordinator and discuss tuition costs, scholarships, and an assistantship, if needed.

Possible activities include:

Social Media / Newsletter
  • Create content for blog and monthly newsletter 
  • Generate social media posts and other content
  • Produce videos and collect photos for the MBA Program and its cohort
Marketing / Recruiting
  • Create informational material
  • Attend and coordinate promotional events
  • Help with advertisement 
  • Manage database(s)
Academic Support for UG and MBA Programs
  • Prepare course packets
  • Manage study groups and tutoring student activities
  • Manage calendars and schedules
  • Create seminars, presentations, etc. 
  • Coordinate on- and off-campus events and activities
  • Assist in check-in and check-out procedures
Leadership Technology
  • LIFE tech support
  • LIFE procedure documentation
  • LIFE assistant
  • Leadership academic research (with Dr. Ringleb)
Alumni Relationships
  • Prepare and create communication material
  • Assist in event planning and management (logistics and preparation)
  • Update social media platforms for alumni interactions