CIMBA offers some merit-based and need-based scholarships for our Part-Time MBA students. The scholarships are offered for prospective global managers and leaders with strong qualifications and are assigned on a competitive basis to the best candidates after an offer of admission has been made. Scholarships result in a deduction from your MBA tuition costs and do not involve a disbursement of money.

CIMBA grants partial scholarships, based on both merit and need, to MBA students who have been living and residing in Italy for at least the past two years. For more information about the scholarship and to learn how to apply, email

The GMAT/GRE Scholarship (1,200 €) is granted on a merit basis and is reserved for those part-time MBA students who have earned high admission exam scores. If you are a native English speaker, your GMAT score must be at least 650 (approximately 161 on each section of the GRE). As a non-native English speaker, your score must be at least 600 (approximately 158 on each section of the GRE). To apply for this scholarship, send your score report to and state that you are sending your materials for the GMAT/GRE scholarship. (This scholarship cannot be combined with the Italian Residency Scholarship.)

CIMBA grants some partial scholarships based on both merit and need to Italian students who reside in Italy. The scholarships cover partial tuition and book fees. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is May 31st. For further details about the scholarship, please contact

Your company may offer partial or full sponsorship for the MBA program. We recommend you contact your company’s human resource department to determine if this opportunity is available. We are able and willing to contact the department directly to provide all the program details and to create a payment plan if necessary.