Congratulations on your decision to pursue your MBA. You are about to embark on an intellectually transformative endeavor that offers you a lifetime of personal and professional rewards. As an MBA student, you will have the opportunity to earn an international MBA degree from the top-ranked, AACSB-accredited University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, and study on two continents along the way.

CIMBA's Educational Philosophy: Knowledge, Process, Behavior 

Our Leadership Institute is designed to support CIMBA’s educational philosophy which includes the pillars of knowledge, process, and behavior. This philosophy helps you develop skills to turn ideas into practical innovations and to effectively manage and lead others to higher levels of performance.

It also gives you access to one of the most comprehensive, highly personalized coaching programs in the U.S. and abroad. Students have one-on-one sessions with coaches who help them explore issues such as managing daily stress and conflict, developing better social skills, adapting to social transitions, and more. Our MBA students also have the opportunity to learn basic coaching skills such as giving and receiving feedback, asking powerful questions, active listening, listening for potential in others, and being a facilitator.

Class Profile

The students who make up the CIMBA Italy MBA hail from countries around the world! Their considerable work experience makes class discussions lively, enlightening, and relevant. You’ll be surprised how valuable your classmates are and how their background makes your MBA experience even richer.

map with countries and percentages

Full-time MBA Degree Program

  • Age range: 24 to 38

  • Years of work experience2 to 5

  • Number of MBA graduates employed within 6 months of graduation: 98%

Part-time MBA Degree Program

  • Age range: 34 to 45

  • Years of work experience: 9+

  • Number of students who change roles or companies while enrolled in the MBA program: 35%

  • Number of MBA graduates who were promoted to a different role or changed company within 2 years of graduation: 89%

MBA Students - Academic Backgrounds

  • Engineering: 41%

  • Business / Management: 29%

  • Humanities (Communication, Language, Education): 16%

  • Law / Politics: 7%

  • Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Medicine): 4%

  • Information Technology: 2%

  • Other: 1%


Learn More About The Admissions Process

Our selection criteria reflect the CIMBA focus on preparing students to become effective leaders. We seek the most promising applicants and base our admissions decisions on their overall application, not just one factor. We evaluate the combination of your work experience, academic background, essay, test scores, interview, and letters of reference. We also evaluate your leadership potential and personal qualities and values to learn who you are, not just what you have done, and how you will fit within the close-knit CIMBA community.

You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. We do not have a minimum GPA requirement, but the cumulative GPA is 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. No specific major is required; past students have come to the program from different and diverse academic backgrounds.

Understanding life in the business world is necessary to get the most out of the CIMBA Italy MBA. We expect at least two years of full-time, post-baccalaureate work experience. However, strong applicants with less experience may be considered. We look for professional experiences that show your ability to succeed in the business environment.

Because our courses are taught in English, we'll need to see evidence of your English ability in order to grant admission. If English is not your first language or you did not graduate from an English-language university, you may be required to demonstrate English proficiency through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Most often, the admission interview will enable us to determine if you have sufficient English ability or if we need additional information.

As of February 2024, applicants are no longer required to submit GMAT or GRE scores. You are welcome to submit scores as part of your application. To qualify for CIMBA's GMAT/GRE scholarship, you must submit your scores.

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